Requirements for articles

The title of the article (no more than 3 lines).

I.N. Petrov1, O.M. Daulbaev2

1The name of the institution or organization represented by the first author, the country
2The name of the institution or organization represented by the second author, the country


The article can contain no more than 10 pages A4. The number of photos or multimedia files is unlimited. All photos and multimedia files must go to a separate folder named media.

The file with the article should be called “author.doc”, where the “author” is the surname of the author in Latin letters, for example, Petrov.doc. Works should be saved in Microsoft Word format.




The abstract to the article is designed to perform the function of an independent source of information, this is the main and most readable part of the work. Must consist of at least 50 and not more than 250 words in Russian and English. The abstract includes a description of the main topic, the problem, the purpose of the work and its results. The annotation indicate innovation of the work in comparison with other works related to the subject and purpose. We draw the authors’ attention to the fact that it is necessary to responsibly and carefully approach the writing of the annotation.



5-7 keywords or phrases are separated from each other by a comma.

The key words or phrases from the text of the article, which carry an essential semantic load in it from the point of view of information retrieval.



Formulas should be numbered in order of the right-hand field in parentheses. To use them, use the Microsoft Word formula editor or the MathType program (Times New Roman font 12pt).

There must be an explanation to all the notations used in the formula.



Tables, drawings, diagrams and graphs must be within the allowed fields.

The inscriptions in the drawings should be clear, well readable. Illustrations should be entered in the right places of the text using computer graphics in one of the raster formats, with the extension tif, bmp or jpg. The numbers in the figure should be a direct inscription, with the exception of the designation of curves. Each figure,

diagram, graph should be a single unit, be amenable to scaling and changing the position without compromising the integrity of the image.

It is necessary to explain all the symbols and abbreviations used in the figure. Aligning drawings to the center of the page without indenting.


Examples of design:

Figure 1 – The emblem of the Congress


Table 1

Table name














The list of references [1] should be formatted according to the pattern presented below. The works executed in violation of the requirements will not be printed.


  1.  Bird Kivi To the point of critical transition. 3D-News (Daily Digital Digest). 05/29/2013
  2. Butuzov V.F. On the asymptotics of solutions of singularly perturbed equations of elliptic type in a rectangular domain // Differential equations. – 1969. – No. 5, issue 7. – P. 72-87.
  3. Lomov S.A. Introduction to the general theory of singular perturbations. – Moscow: Nauka, 1981. – 400 p.

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